Blog Ambition

Today is a BIG day that calls for an even BIGGER celebration. I cannot believe it has been almost a year and a half since we launched our online store (oh, how time flies). The amount of growth we have seen in such a short amount of time is absolutely incredible. We cannot thank you enough for the love and support all of you have shown us! In an attempt to show a little gratitude to our OH-SO-DESERVING customers, we have decided to launch this sweet little blog. It is meant to be a culmination of all our favorite things, not just what is in the store, but more about everything that makes us, well, us.

We’ve all heard the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”. We girls here at Silver Gallery think that is so true. We chose “The Silver Lining”, not only to represent our belief that something good can come out of everything, but for another reason too. Every quality garment has a lining (think men’s’ suits). Linings are assembled separately (like our SG team) then it is placed inside the garment. The lining provides the garment with a perfectly smooth inside finish. While you may not always be able to see the lining, it adds that feeling of luxury and comfort. Basically, our SG girls are the lining to Silver Gallery, just as a lining is to a nice garment.

We are SO excited to launch this new addition to Silver Gallery and to be able to connect with y’all in another way. To celebrate we are going to do a SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY. Repost this picture to Instagram, with #PartywithSG. Make sure to follow and tag us!


How is that for BIG?


Giveaway Details:

To enter: Repost this picture on Instagram and tag @silvergallery with #PartywithSG

Tory Burch purse $225, Blanket Scarf $30, Crystal Bracelet $19.99, Kate Spade Notebook $18,  Set of Lily and Laura Bracelets $24, iPhone case $20

One thought on “Blog Ambition

  1. Lisa & Brittany,
    I have shopped with ya’ll since you were in the shops on Pisgah & a pop up display in Hanes Mall! One day YEARS ago I stumbled across a pop up store by the escalators since they were shut down and turned around to find the BEST thing yet!! I was like {ahhhh}!!! In Heaven!!! I haven’t stopped shopping with y’all yet & I send all my friends and co-workers to ya’ll!! I love ya’ll so much and ya’ll make your customers feel like family and like we matter!! I love ya’lls entire family!! Natalea is AmAziNg & the best photographer & Trinady is not only my real estate agent but a huge inspiration scriptures wise!! Lisa Perdue is one of the most driven women I have ever met and it has trickled down to her precious daughter Brittany who is always greeting you with a huge smile and that sweet southern hospitality!! Anytime someone asks what I would like for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or anything; they immediately know my answer; Silver Gallery!!! I get so many compliments about my jewelry and especially the bracelet that started it all & my Waxing Poetic!! I am so loyal to ya’ll that even if I see a sale on Waxing Poetic elsewhere, I will not but it!! I can’t wait to see what new and exciting things ya’ll have coming in 2015!! Plus, I’m {finally} moving to Brown Summit!!!! Yes!!!! I can’t wait to be able to shop more often & not have to drive an hour or so; even though it’s totally worth it!!! And whether Mr. Duke builds me a new house or I buy one; call me crazy (my husband did), but I’m most excited about being able to see ya’ll more often!! Now, on to the SG ladies!! Marsha is amazing in so many different ways!! I love her & try to make sure she is there when I’m coming in or my friends! She is always happy to go above and beyond!! Breezy is another great one!! She is a hoot!!! I will be in this weekend and I can’t wait for my Waxing Poetic items to come in!! I’m addicted to it!! I love this new blog and I love the name!! I always look for the Silver Linings in everything!! Again, thank you guys for providing us with the BEST boutique to shop at!!! My boss lives in Orange County, California and she says they have nothing like what your store offers nor how it looks aesthetically!! She will be in town two weeks from now and we are so excited to shop together!!! I am a true testament to a very happy long time customer & I know ya’ll have thousands of them and I’m just another one, but thank ya’ll for never making me feel like just another shopper!!! I truly love & adore ya’ll so much!!! Happy New Year & I’m excited to shop shop shop!!! xoxo, Kaci Burley 💗


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